Georgia Tech Among the Most-Buzzed Universities on the Internet

Georgia Tech’s Internet clout ranks 21st among American universities according to a recent survey.

With a mascot named Buzz, it's no wonder that news about Georgia Tech has been buzzing around the world.

According to the Global Language Monitor's TrendTopper MediaBuzz recent ranking of American colleges and universities, the Georgia Institute of Technology is among the most buzzed-about schools on the Internet.

Georgia Tech’s Internet clout ranks 21st, making it second among southern schools and one of 13 public universities in the top 25. For the second straight survey, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology topped the list followed by Harvard University, Columbia University, Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, which was the top-ranked public university.

Austin, Texas-based Global Language Monitor is a global media consulting organization that provides brand management analytics for colleges and universities.

The survey, which is conducted every nine months, measures near real-time movements of a school’s reputation or ‘brand equity.’ Included in the methodology is the monitoring of Twitter and YouTube, along with tens of millions of blogs, billions of web pages, and the world’s leading print and electronic media.

It was just another positive marketing tool for the Midtown school. Last fall, a study showed that Georgia Tech is offering the best academic deal in the United States, as many students concentrate on science-oriented disciplines such as engineering and software design and those fields have remained strong for post-graduate job opportunities.

Also in late 2012, Tech was ranked 25th among the top 100 universities recognized in Times Higher Education’s 2012-2013 World University Rankings. The Institute was the top-ranked public university from the southern United States and was ranked No. 5 in the world among its U.S. public institution counterparts. In addition, Georgia Tech ranked ninth on the list of the world’s top engineering and technology universities and third on the list of public U.S. engineering and technology universities.

Here is the Global Language Monitor top 25 rankings. The numbers in parenthesis indicates the school’s previous ranking.

  • 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1)
  • 2. Harvard University (2)
  • 3. Columbia University (4)
  • 4. Stanford University (8)
  • 5. University of California, Berkeley (14)
  • 6. Yale University (9)
  • 7. University of Chicago (3)
  • 8. University of Texas, Austin (10)
  • 9. Cornell University (6)
  • 10. Princeton University (15)
  • 11. University of Pennsylvania (12)
  • 12. Ohio State University, Columbus (16)
  • 13. University of Washington (13)
  • 14. University of California, Los Angeles (7)
  • 15. New York University (20)
  • 16. University of Wisconsin, Madison (5)
  • 17. Virginia Tech (19)
  • 18. University of California, Davis (17)
  • 19. University of California, San Diego (22)
  • 20. University of Minnesota (35)
  • 21. Georgia Institute of Technology (23)
  • 22. Johns Hopkins University (24)
  • 23. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (28)
  • 24. Duke University (21)
  • 25. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (13)
Chris H January 26, 2013 at 02:34 PM
It's too bad kids are getting guns put in their faces and robbed almost weekly. Wasn't like that when I went there in the 90s.
Arthur January 27, 2013 at 04:30 AM
It's no wonder GT is included in this list. Their Return on Investment Ranking (over a 30 year period): GT = 22 in-state and 33 out-of-state, (Bloomberg/Businessweek). Congrats Tech!


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