Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity at Georgia Tech Ordered to Disband

Midtown school disbands fraternity responsible for “rapebait” email for a period of three years.

Phi Kappa Tau seal. Courtesy Georgia Tech
Phi Kappa Tau seal. Courtesy Georgia Tech
Patch Staff Report

Last week, members of the Alpha Rho chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity were informed by the Georgia Tech Office of Student Integrity (OSI) that the student organization will be disbanded for a period of three years.

The decision comes after a 2013 controversial email circulated among fraternity members calling women "rapebait" and detailing how giving alcohol to females can help frat members “hook up” with them.

The decision results from the findings of investigations concerning violations of the Institute’s Student Code of Conduct.

In its report, first reported by the student newspaper, the Technique, OSI found the fraternity responsible for six violations, including failure to comply with sanctions imposed last fall. The disciplinary suspension will be in effect until July 31, 2017. Student organizations have a right to an appeal if they meet certain criteria in the stated time period.

“It is unfortunate that this disciplinary action was needed, but Georgia Tech holds all of its student organizations accountable to the standard set by the Student Code of Conduct,” school officials said in the statement.

Any organization ordered to disband loses rights and privileges associated with being a chartered student organization at Georgia Tech, including space reservation, event sponsorship and membership activities, among others. The fraternity will be required to vacate its chapter property by the end of the spring semester.


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