The Techies' Guide to Holiday Gifts

A slide show of gift ideas for the technology enthusiast, courtesy of Georgia Tech's College of Computing.

Don't know what gift to get the techie in your family?

Check out this holiday gift guide, courtesy of Georgia Tech's College of Computing. It might give you an idea or at least, a good laugh.

"You won’t find smartphones or tablets on this guide," Michaelanne Dye, spokeswoman for the college, said in an email. "Instead, we’ve got robots, ad-hoc WiFi networks, apps and even algorithms."

Our favorite item on the list? The Georgia Tech Emerging Cyber Threats Report for 2012.

What is it? Per the institute:

2012’s most anticipated read. Taut techno-thriller that hits all the right notes: Corporate greed! Foreign espionage! Shadowy villains and gallant heroes! Botnets! Throw in a dash of science fiction and cutting edge research, and you’ve got all the makings of a blockbuster. Part Clancy, part Asimov … all Georgia Tech.

“We are, obviously, having a bit of fun, but there’s also a serious point," Zvi Galil, dean of the College of Computing, said in the guide. "Part of our mission is to help improve the world through education and research, and the projects in this gift guide can legitimately be included in our efforts to give back to society—indeed, some are explicitly intended as computational ways to serve the social good.”


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