Why I Really Hate Charter Schools?

Charter and public right now are on my black list. They are fellow travelers until fixed. Parents instead of controlling a school, control your child in the household!

This election season has been an acquired one for the state of Georgia. It has allowed us to see that at times we are being exploited to bring more money to our Red State. Georgia in many ways is stepping on the underrepresented to bring this state to the top as one of the most progressive states in theory. We have had the T-SPLOST referendum that thanks to the citizens didn’t get passed, because it doesn’t serve the communities that benefit from it the most. Now in November we are faced with a new dilemma and that is whether to vote No to charter or Yes! For about two years I have been trying to put my hands on what were the specific reasons I opposed charters. KIPP one of the most progressive charter schools in Atlanta has done great things and I will admit is one of the better alternatives to the public school. But, why is it you may wonder? It is a smaller school, they take field trips, and they stay in school 10 hours and go to school on Saturday. What is the problem than? KIPP started in Houston and is now a franchise, they test your children constantly (making them test rats), and what schools have summits all over the United States. I could go on, but I am not here to bash KIPP. I am here to enlighten our parents on why they need to invest in their child’s education before college.

       Parents and legislatures think that charter schools are heaven sent and they will provide the support their child needs. Trust your child with no one! Charter schools are just public schools by another name and sometimes worst. One charter school in Atlanta, home base is all the way in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It starts school exactly at 8 A.M. and the students who have to arrive early have to stay outside. The children get in fights and you pray that somebody breaks them up. This is not to bash, but to enlighten!

      Education starts and will end at home period and parents must adopt that. I have had the privilege to teach at an independent private school and it is a joy to get two to five year olds who can read and/or write their names. Public schools can’t do that and private schools can’t really either it starts at home. These parents work with (their) children vigorously, because they understand that their child’s education is an investment that they can pay for or take the time to invest. So in this I hate any school that tries to paint a picture that they can turn your child into a genius, no the power lies with you parents. If you won’t do it, who else do you expect will?

      Teachers and schools are not set up with 20+ children to do that. If you think that one teacher can reach all 20+ children than you my friend, are lost. Invest in your child’s future whether it is you doing the teaching or you paying a tutor. Invest! This has been brought to you by the makers of Funeducationnetwork on YouTube. Thank you! Oh and what should shock everyone, but probably won’t hit a nerve is that charter schools are part of the stock exchange. This may not matter to you, but my children are not commodity! Slavery by another name.             

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Wesley Mapp November 12, 2012 at 09:11 AM
http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/post/the-big-business-of-charter-schools/2012/08/16/bdadfeca-e7ff-11e1-8487-64e4b2a79ba8_blog.html They aren't! Do your research and than come back? They can pay for weave, drinks, or things. But not tutors. They can't do Khan Academy either and that is free.
Wesley Mapp November 12, 2012 at 09:16 AM
I taught at public, charter, and private. I will never teach in public either. If you care than find pay for them a tutor or convience the parents. Did you get a pay out from the government to push this. I wonder! Education Starts At Home and I am willing to teach parents who will give me the platform!
Wesley Mapp November 12, 2012 at 09:19 AM
What are you doing to help our youth? Where are your articles? Your comment holds no merit, because you offered no suggestions of making it better. You didn't even comment. You did a wonderful job at insulting and I now I am wasting my time in commenting! I can never get my time back! Try again!
Wesley Mapp November 12, 2012 at 09:23 AM
You got what you wanted. Next time read the fine print. We shall see if parents step up. We shall see if the government steps up. We shall see if you step up. Don't give up now people we still haven't saved our children. We have further enslaved them though (good job). I tried to tell you, but just like the people who wanted intergration you will learn. I will be the hummingbird who will you be?
meimei November 14, 2012 at 06:42 AM
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